24 May 2008

Crafty Preggo Post

No recipes in this post, although Mark and I did enjoy a delicious saffron risotto this afternoon.

Newborns don't have very good vision, but they do like high-contrast shapes and patterns. I figure my baby might like something interesting to look at, so I crocheted this for him. It's a little wonky on the upper-left, but he's a newborn and is hardly in a position to critique my handiwork.

It's the first blanket I've ever made! Now that I'm done, I can go into labour. ;p

Based on the patterns for a mobile from sleepingbaby.net.

Originally uploaded by chloe & mark nightingale
Fully pregnant. I'm due tomorrow. Not the most flattering photo, but I figure everyone's looking at my belly and not my face so I don't need to wear make-up today. ;D


  1. OMG! You look fantastic! All gut!and no butt! you'll lose all the baby weight in no time! Happy Labor!

  2. You've been tagged because I am annoying like that.