20 July 2008

9 Truths and One Lie! -- The results!

1. After all these years, I am still in pursuit of the perfect shade of red lipstick.
Lie! I thought I'd getcha by putting the lie in the first one cos I figured everyone would assume the lie was sneaked in the middle somewhere. But 3 of you, NLC_Beads, Lizzie, and Cristina, caught me out. There is no perfect shade of red lipstick for me. Not only do I look ATROCIOUS in red lipstick, I look pretty awful in pretty much EVERY shade of lipstick! (I am still enjoying my search for the perfect lipgloss, however. There are a lot of nice ones out there. Any recommendations?)

2. I received speech therapy as a child.
True! I had a lisp and went to speech class in 4th grade and won a Care Bears bracelet once for not lisping. It took me AGES to figure out what I was doing wrong. I still lisp when I'm excited or angry and certain phrases tongue twist me.
I also did elocution exercises in Drama class and wonder if they are why people tell me I have a funny accent.

3. I couldn't figure out how to roll my tongue until I was almost in high school.
True! My little sister could roll hers when she was a baby and I managed all sorts of weird tongue manipulations trying to figure out how to roll mine. Eventually, I figured it out. Step 2: Figure out how to raise just one eyebrow (I have sort of figured it out, but I'm still rubbish).

4. I LOVE hot sauce and prefer my picante foods to be REALLY hot. The only person who can tolerate more heat than I can is my dad.
True! My dad could out-hot sauce a deep south Texan, but no one else can out-hot sauce me. Unfortunately, being a tiny white girl, not everyone believes me when I place an order saying I'd like my food as hot as humanly possible. Mexicans laughed at me when I ordered my food spicier than they did (well, that's what my Colombian friend said they were laughing about). And I'm pretty sure this guy in a Curry shop in Seattle lost a bet when he served me a delicious and insanely hot curry. 100% Pain is 100% good and I used to have it on bagels every morning. And one time (NLC_Beads remembers this one, she bought the hot sauce), I put so much Dave's Total Insanity hot sauce in my tomato juice one morning, I had intestinal cramps and shat it all out a few minutes later. It tasted good going down, but once it was in my stomach, it felt like I was being poisoned.

5. I hate touching tennis balls!
True! I don't like the way they make my fingers feel. Also, tennis balls are green, not yellow, MARK. ;p

6. I decided to go vegetarian on a whim whilst eavesdropping on two girls in the bathroom.
True! Faye, you're right, there are better reasons to go vegetarian, but that's how it all started (12+ years later, I'm still a veg -- I'm glad I did it, even if it was on a weird whim).
It kind of went like this:
Girl 1: Oh, god! I'm, like, totally a vegetarian because I'm trying to lose weight!
Girl 2: Really?
Me: (Thinking: hmm, vegetarian, think I'll give that a try.)
Later that week, my Diff Eq teacher, Dr. Xu, told us he noticed Americans tended to start sentences off with "Oh, god!" to which their friends would reply, "really?"

7. I appeared on an episode of The Mickey Mouse Club alongside Christina Aguilera.
True! It's the episode with Tatyana Ali as the guest star. Christina is the one holding the microphone, I'm the one with the shiny nose wearing an, erm, Aladdin genie shirt. *sigh* If anyone finds a clip of that, let me know. [Chantel, I think you have a copy on one of those videos I gave you before I left the US.]

8. I only have 27 teeth. I had 29 before my wisdom teeth were pulled.
True! I'm missing one of my bottom middle teeth -- it never existed! I've been x-rayed and everything. And I only ever had 2 top wisdom teeth.

9. My favourite holiday is Halloween. I went trick-or-treating pretty much every year until, some time in college, the people giving out candy started telling me I was too old.
True! One time, I was trick-or-treating with my roommate and a guy reading (I am not kidding) Windows for Dummies told me to get off his porch. I tried to act young and sweet and dumb, and he just said, again, "Get off my porch." Crabby pants.

10. Of course, clowns give me the creeps, but Santa Claus gives me the creeps, too.
True! Even when my dad was dressed up as Santa and I knew it was him, I was still wigging out.

Congratulations again to
NLC_Beads, Lizzie, and Cristina. I decided since I have a large supply of shells and string, all the winners get a necklace! Cristina already stopped by Chateau Crabby to pick up her necklace, NLC_Beads, I have your address, Lizzie, I'll need yours.


  1. this is sooo coool! I totally missed out since I've been moving and unpacking, etc... but if you ever have another contest in the future, I'd love to partake (or try to, atleast!) :) those necklaces look lovely! I miss you!

  2. Oh God! I was totally thinking that you were in search of the perfect lipgloss, but then I thought "maybe she just has a lip thing".

  3. Oh my god! The vegetarian story is very funny, like, especially the way Americans talk, I mean, it's so totally true, you know what I mean... like... yeah!

  4. Really? Shut up, no way!


  5. I'm ok without a shell necklace, just wanted to see if I knew the right answer. :)

  6. I can't believe I didn't enter in time. In my head I guessed right so that is what I will have to console myself with when you and Cristina are looking pretty in your shells and my neck is naked.
    Much love to you and Bert, and Mark too of course. See you in Rio/back of beyond soon? x

  7. I just sent the contest to my mother and she said "I think red lipstick because who would want red lipstick?" hahaha maybe I inherited a bias. ;)

    Cristina x

  8. I don't have my bottom wisdom teeth either. Must be genetic.
    The kinswoman. Casey