03 April 2010

Potato, cauliflower, and garbanzo curry on a bed of cauliflower leaves. This tastes really really good.

A really easy curry:

Cook (in separate pans): garbanzo beans, potatoes, cauliflower. Reserve some cauliflower liquid.

Fry onions in oil. When they start to turn clear, add black mustard seeds and cumin seeds. Stir in some madras curry powder.

Stir in chopped boiled potatoes, garbanzo beans, and chopped cauliflower. Salt to taste. Add lemon juice and some reserved cauliflower liquid. Stir. The potatoes will crumble a bit and make the liquid a bit saucy!

Now it is time to eat!

Serve on a bed of boiled or steamed cauliflower leaves (I know some grocery stores chop them off and that is a shame because they are SO tasty). I don't serve with rice because I figure it's starchy enough with just the potato, but if you want to serve it with rice, go ahead!

Now I have to roll around on the floor clutching my stomach because I ate too much (and because I am 8 months pregnant and there isn't a lot of room in my guts to begin with). But it was so good! And my lovely son, Bompkins, is running around full of energy after eating a TON!!


  1. I am really excited to try out this one!!

  2. Cauliflower leaves are better off included in the dish.