17 November 2010


I was going to make a big curry how-to, but I've been busy with the rugrats!  :D  In the meantime, here's some curried food pr0n we've been eating this week.

Sweet potato, pumpkin, and chick pea curry.

Sweet potato, pumpkin, and chick pea curry.  Lunch today.  It's very orange.  I learned to love sweet potatoes by having them in curries.

Mix in Rice

Pumpkin, leek, carrot, tomato, and chickpea curry.  Lunch (and dinner) on Monday.

The rugrats beckon!  I must go play with one and boob the other.  Yes, I just used boob as a verb.


  1. I like your orange curries. That is some serious color coordination. A week of meals in orange.

  2. The sweet potato curry looks great.