07 November 2010


Okay, this VeganMoFo post is a total cheat* because I don't think I will be able to finish the blog I've been writing today, but here are 3 gazpacho recipes:

Grandma Peggy's Not-So-Secret Gazpacho Recipes

When my (late) maternal grandmother found out I was going vegetarian, she clipped and copied some veggie recipes for me.  The gazpachos were the first in the small series -- I had never even heard of gazpacho until I got these recipes from her.  It's cool that she was so supportive (she was pretty supportive when I went vegan, too).  She even introduced me to quinoa ("pronounced KEEN-WA," she wrote on a box). 

Okay, here's a bonus recipe.  Check out my Moroccan Couscous article in Tension Magazine (click the link, not the photo):



*  It is totally NOT out of season, however, if you are living in tropical climates or the southern hemisphere.