03 November 2010

The Privilege of Being Vegan

I don't usually mention the v-word on my blog because my recipes are delicious  whether you're vegan or not, but it's VeganMoFo, the Vegan Month of Food:  http://veganmofo.wordpress.com/about/ -- like NaNoWriMo, except we write about food instead of how behind we are on our word count and how much caffeine we've consumed.  ;p  

Vegan food sometimes has the reputation of being boring and bland -- I have eaten stuff that looked and tasted like a cardboard box with a side of overboiled anaemic-looking veg, so I understand.  But it doesn't have to be this way and it usually isn't.  Don't let a few cardboard boxes fool you!  There is this other misconception that vegan food is often fake meat and cheese.  Yeah, that stuff is helpful for transitioning vegans, but overly processed foods are not the way to go.  And they are frickin' expensive!!  Vegan food is so cheap and easy if you stay away from overpriced processed stuff.

For VeganMoFo, I will mostly continue posting delicious recipes, but I want to write a few words about why veganism is about privilege and not denial.  

A lot of people don't get a choice about what they eat or drink.  They eat what they can to stay alive.  People starve to death.  People get sick because they don't have access to clean water.

We are privileged.  Not only is our tap (and toilet!) water usually potable, but major companies even sell bottled tap water.  We can say no to lima beans and brussel sprouts.*  We can leave food to rot and throw out our leftovers.**  We can sulk in front of the TV, drowning our woes in cupcakes or eat an entire bag of potato chips in one sitting.***  People are suffering from malnutrition, people are dying of starvation, and here I am eating hummous and making my own kimchi.****

So when someone tells me veganism is about denial, I tell them my diet is about privilege.  I've chosen veganism for many reasons, but I never forget how privileged I am to have that choice.

*  Although I never would.
**  I try not to do that.
***  I'm pretty sure I've never done that.
****  Recipe later this week!



  1. Well said! Can't wait for more entries. :D

    I need to post something...

    - solteronita

  2. Hey, thanks for the comment on my blog. It's good to find another UK vegan blog. Looking forward to your Mofo recipes:)

  3. A great point well put.
    Some days I really need that reminder.