20 November 2010


As usual, I am busy chasing the rugrats, so I thought I'd better make this post a quickie!

I did not used to be a big fan of sandwiches.  I didn't care much for PBJammins growing up and fake-meaty sammiches don't do it for me either.


But I have found a few sammiches that I quite like.  Fried sauerkraut and onions (a friend called me a "nasty!  A nasty vegan, but nasty in a good way!" for eating that) on toasted rye with a smear of mustard is nice.  I like pecan butter and unsweetened jam (strawberry or blueberry) -- kind of like a PBJ.  Avocado, onion, and nutritional yeast is good (side note:  mix nooch + mustard --> amazingly delicious sammich spread, I learned that from a sandwich at a Seattle market).  Pan-fried portabello mushroom (with garlic and herbs) and rocket (arugula to you yanks) is divine.  Cucumber and/or tomato with red onion, salt, and pepper (great with a side of black olives if my toddler doesn't snitch them all).

But my favourite sandwiches (at the moment, at least) are hummous.  My variations are endless, behold:
  • rocket (arugula) or watercress
  • red or green onions
  • jalapeños (pickled or fresh)
  • tomatoes
  • cucumber
  • avocado slices
  • olives
  • thinly-sliced radishes
  • thinly-sliced bell peppers (I prefer green, but everybody else seems to like red the best)
  • tabbouleh  
  • roasted veggies
  • sprouts!  (Thanks for reminding me to mention sprouts, TNT!)
I think you get the idea.  What kinds of sammiches do you like?  How do you eat your hummous?  Most importantly, what else should I try on my hummous sammiches?


  1. My current favorite is a smoky miso tofu sandwich. I am a fan of baked tofu in the bread.

  2. I really like hummous with that sumac sprinkled on it. And of course the pickled turnips dyed with beet juice. But that's only if I'm at one of the bazillions of traditional Middle Eastern restaurants that are everywhere here in Detroit.
    My favorite way to eat hummous at home, whether I make it or buy it pre-made, is with tortilla chips.
    I read a recipe for hummous that called for garbanzo bean flour, and I finally found a place to buy it! At the Indian market nearby, I found lentil flour. I might try making a batch of lentil-hummous. I don't own a blender, so making hummous with flour rather than whole beans really appeals to me.
    Speaking of bean flours... I have been experimenting with making my own soy milk from soybean flour. But that's a whole nother can of worms!

  3. I often find myself eating hummous plain with a spoon. mmmm so good. I haven't made a lot of sandwiches recently but I do like a great veggie sandwich.

  4. Hahahahaha, omgoshimvegan, I am very guilty of knifing out big globs and eating them straight off the knife. In the kitchen, when none of the rest of my family are looking. ;p

    Panda with cookie, smoky miso tofu sounds fabulous. I've been meaning to try miso on a sandwich -- my dad said that's how he used to eat it in the 70s.

    And, Flo, that all sounds fab -- I should experiment with soy flour more -- I have a big container of it just sitting around...

  5. Fried sauerkraut and onions? You are a genius. That's probably my favorite sandwich now.

  6. Thanks, Lauren!! I was inspired by tales of Hungarian sauerkraut sandwiches -- they are good with a dash of paprika thrown in there, too.