13 October 2011

Hirsekraut (GF) and Kind-of Varnishkes

Millet Varnishkes!  My 3-year old took this photo.

Continuing on my cabbage-theme, I was going to make kasha (buckwheat) varnishkes, but I realised (gasp!) we're out of buckwheat!  I had no choice but to improvise.  With millet. 

My 3-year old took this photo.  Trippy.
Varnishkes are pretty much fried onions, buckwheat, and bow-tie pasta with salt and pepper.  Usually the buckwheat is made with stock, but I usually make it with water unless I happen to have some stock handy.  Frying in margarine would lend a more traditional flavour, but olive oil is cool, too.  I usually go all crazy and add a splash of dry white wine or dry vermouth.  Varnishkes variations include the addition of cabbage and mushrooms.  I usually use penne instead of bow-tie, since it is seriously about 5 times cheaper.

Now, if you skip the pasta and fry some onions, cabbage, and millet and then add salt and pepper, you have something called hirsekraut, which I am pretty sure is just the German word for Millet-Cabbage.  Sometimes they add marjoram to this. 

I was going to write some more about how delicious both of these dishes are, but my kids, who are 1 and 3, just cleaned the living room -- I am serious! -- because they want me to vacuum.  They are crazy about the vacuum cleaner.

Handsome Hirsekraut.

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