04 October 2011

I was in a rush to get dinner done tonight, so I steamed some broccoli and boiled some carrots and pasta (I boiled the carrots and pasta in the same pot).  Then I fried some chopped garlic in olive oil and threw in some chili flakes, oregano, and thyme.  I tossed in some sundried tomatoes (I cut them into strips with scissors) and about 2 tbsp of the starchy pasta water and just let everything stew for a bit.  Then I threw in the pasta, carrots, and broccoli, tossed everything about for a bit, and dished it up with a crack of fresh black pepper.

For those of you who are all, "where's the friggin' protein?!"  I'll have you know, my kids and I were gorging ourselves on peanut butter late this afternoon.  Speaking of protein, this would taste great if you added a tbsp or so of tahini and a squeeze of lemon juice at the same time you added the pasta water. 

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