18 October 2011

Stew Pack

 I took this: 

And with the help of my slow-cooker, some water, oil, white beans, seitan,* flour,** herbs, and spices, made a tasty country-style stew. 


*  I simmered the seitan right in the slow-cooker with the veg & water.

**  I made gravy with the stock from the slow-cooker when everything was done cooking, added some white beans, and the contents of the slow-cooker.


  1. I got one of those stew packs the other day. At 50p it's great value. Your food looks delicious :)

  2. I kind of think they are an amusing combination for stew (just one leek? and where's the celery?). I get them because it's such a good deal on veg, but I thought I'd actually try making stew this time.
    The swede makes the stock so sweet.

    I would write more, but my toddler is wriggling in my lap and trying to type!