10 October 2011

Vegan TV & Tamarindo Love

I've been a teeny little bit under the weather and have been indulging in comfort food (spaghetti with marg & marmite, toast, hummous sammiches, and the like) and tea.  Also, I made a shirt for my friend's dog this afternoon instead of clanging around the kitchen. 

Before I head into the kitchen to make a little soup,* I thought I'd link y'all up to this rad TV show -- VEGETARIANISM:  The Noble Way of Living -- I used to watch this show ALL THE TIME.  Each programme is about 15 minutes long and features vegan recipes and culinary delights from around the world.  I have seen everything from American hipsters making vegan sloppy joes to a darling Iranian couple making a veggie feast (they said to make sure you add love to all your meals) to choruses of little Korean children singing autumn harvest songs while their dumplings steam.  If you like international food, this show is a must!
It's sub-titled in, like, a ton of different languages and the hosts don't always speak English, which only adds to the programme's charm. 

*  The secret to delightful sourness in my hot & sour soup is tamarind!  You could use lemon juice or vinegar and I've even had hot & sour soup with orange juice in it, which was delightful, but I love using tamarind.  Do you use tamarind in anything?  I bought tamarindo pop once when I lived in PDX and the cashier who rung me up was all, "hey, how do you know about tamarindo?"  It's cos I don't shop in the white-people spice aisle,** that's how!  ;p

**  No, seriously.  Buying spices marketed (and priced) for white people is for suckas.

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