02 December 2011

Easy Crusty Bread

Gluten-free people, please avert your eyes.  I have some GF recipes in the works for you, you know I love you, and you know I know how hard being gluten-free can be.

Check out my crusty bread:

I made it using this recipe.  The recipe is really easy, requires no kneading, and produces a FABULOUS crust, which I think is essential for good bread. 

I don't have a baking stone, so I used a cast-iron skillet for the sesame-caraway loaf and an enamelware dish for the bread with the rye flakes on top.  I used about twice as much dough for the rye-flaked one and they both turned out fine.  I preferred the one in the cast-iron skillet.  I also used a spray bottle to add even more steam to the oven.

Thanks go to Lydia over at Small Town Simplicity for the link!

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