26 August 2013

Vegan Mo-Fo is on its Way

From Mark's Hike
The Crabby Chuckwagon Cafe is Open for Business!

September is Vegan Mo-Fo this year!  I'm currently doing several things at once, including P90X and homeschooling, so I'm asking YOU for help and inspiration, so I can keep the recipes going all month long.  Please answer one or more of the following questions either in the comments section here or in an email to me.
  1. There's a bunch of stuff in your kitchen, but you don't know what to make!  Tell me what you have on-hand and maybe I'll come up with something!  (This is where the Fiesta Casserole came from.)
  2. Someone you know has food allergies, is gluten-free,* or is really picky.  What can you feed them?  Maybe I'll come up with something!
  3. You like to eat X, but it's not vegan.  As long as X is not meringue -- I have yet to perfect a vegan alternative to whipped egg-whites -- maybe I'll come up with something!
  4. I just bought 8kg of adzuki beans, what can I do with them? 
  5. I can't come up with anything else.  Fling some ideas at me!

Meanwhile, you can also look forward to: 

My first attempt at double-layer cake
  • Coconut Fudge Oat Bars!  
  • One Potato Lentil Soup! 
  • Learning how to make your own nut butter and/or nut-free sunflower seed butter! 
  • Another birth story, featuring my recipe for Crabby Trail Mix! 
  • Stuffing Waffles!  
  • Gluten-free Cornbread Stuffing! 
  • Pasta, Barley, or Brown Rice Salad!
  • Lots of things featuring adzuki beans because I just bought 8kg of them!
  • Caaaaaaaaake! 
  • Exclamation points!
  • ...And more!

*  Yes, I know gluten-free people often do it for allergy reasons.  Anyway, I'm not gluten-free, but tons of my friends are and I like to mix it up with my grains and not just eat wheat all the time.  :D

M's Dad standing proudly.
This is just a random photo of my father-in-law and has nothing to do with Vegan Mo-Fo.


  1. I need some good Millet side dish recipes.

  2. I love nut butters so I'm definitely looking forward to that :)

    1. Me, too! I was going to blog about it later in the month, but I ran out, so I made a bunch of nut butters this afternoon (sunflower seed, peanut butter, brazil nut butter, brazil and sunflower, and sunflower and peanut).