18 September 2013

Adzuki Bean Tea

Adzuki beans with a side of Adzuki Bean Tea.  TEA!

The same guy who told me about sprouting chick peas told me about this drink.   There are all kinds of things written about Adzuki bean tea and how it has magical vitamin powers and will heal ailments and is good for the bladder and kidneys and is totally full of yang and such, but all that aside, it's also a pretty good drink.   I like it plain, but it's nice sweetened or with soy milk, too.

This is an easy one and it's very nice and soothing.  How easy is it?  Well, if you've cooked dry adzuki beans, you've already make the tea.  What you say !!  Yes, the bean liquid (the liquid your beans have cooked in) is the tea -- no kidding.  Unlike other bean liquids, which are more like broths or goup (talkin' to you, chick peas), this is sweet and nutty and, especially considering it came from beans, it's not really beany.  So grab a ladle and a mug and get drinkin'. 

Fun variation:
Cooking your adzukis with rice?  You can drink that liquid, too, and it's delish!  Word of warning, this sort of home made rice milk (seriously, one way to make rice milk is to just use the liquid you cook your rice in) retains it's heat like crazy!  It's great for warm winter drinks, but don't go glugging it down just because it's been sitting out for several minutes.

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