14 September 2013

Easy Coconut Beans and Rice (GF)

This is a pretty traditional recipe in several parts of the world, although the internet leads me to believe it's most popular in the Caribbean. 

It's super easy.  You can make it from scratch or make a simpler version using leftover rice and beans.

Cook your rice with a can of coconut milk, some chopped onion, garlic, ginger, and a (whole) scotch bonnet pepper (you can get all crazy and chop it up and mix it in first, but only do that if you are like me and enjoy really, really spicy food -- I ate a gigantic pot of rice, beans, and greens all by myself once because my husband thought it was insanely spicy).  Cook some beans, too.  (Or warm up some canned beans.  Whatever.)  Once your rice is cooked, remove the Scotch bonnet pepper, toss in some chopped scallions* and beans (I used adzuki because I bought 8kg of them last month, but kidney, pinto, black, or black-eyed beans will all do).  Add some salt or soy sauce to taste.

If using leftovers, which is what I did here, mix equal parts of rice and beans with a can (or less, depending on how much you are making) of coconut milk, some onion, a chopped fresh chili pepper, some ground coriander, and some salt or soy sauce.  Warm on the stove, stirring regularly, until the onion and chili pepper are cooked (or you could pan-fry them in a little oil first to save time).

*  You know, green onions/spring onions, but you simply must call them scallions if you're doing Cajun or Caribbean cooking.  Speaking of scallions, wouldn't Rap Scallion be a great rapper name? 

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