21 September 2013

The Accidental Adzuki Stew (GF)

I'm not sure what happened here.  I was just throwing some leftover bits and bobs together for dinner and ended up with something really splendid.  This was an almost meaty*-tasting stew that reminded me of the tinned potatoey beef stews that I had once or twice when I was a kid.

Chop and boil some:  potatoes, carrots, celery, and onion in a pot of water.  Throw in a tin of stewed tomatoes, a bay leaf, and some rosemary.  Simmer everything until the carrots are soft and the potatoes are starting to crumble.  Then add some adzuki beans and simmer for several minutes more, stirring occasionally.  Add some soy sauce.  Then thicken with some gari/garri** (or grits or polenta) -- it doesn't take very long to cook -- and serve.

**  Gari/Garri is fermented ground cassava root, popular in West Africa.  I know it might be a tricky ingredient for you to find and, like I said, you could substitute grits or polenta, but if you ever run across any gari, get a bag (or seven, in my case) -- it has a really interesting taste (and by interesting, I don't mean weird or gross -- it tastes nice, ever so slightly tart, and maybe even a little bit cheesy). 

*  I haven't had meat in almost 18 years, mind, so don't get all, "Where's the Beef?" on me when you try this. 

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