10 September 2013

The Prison Diet

I was looking up 'steel compartment tray' on Amazon and found a review where this guy liked his steel compartment tray so much, he came up with what he called 'The Prison Diet,' where he ate from the compartment tray and didn't have seconds.  Then I did an internet search for 'prison steel compartment trays' and found out some Indian restaurant got bad reviews for it's steel compartment plates because the customers felt like they were eating off of prison trays.  I was sold!

I found some Indian-style compartment plates on ebay for a song and now my kids are on 'The Prison Diet' (although they are allowed to have seconds).  These things are great.  They are easy to clean, pretty much unbreakable, and safer than plastic (you know, like the BPA scare and how chemicals from plastic leech into hot food).  I really like the compartments, they encourage me to give my kids a wider variety of food.

Okay, I know you want me to cut to the chase since this is a food blog, so here are some sample menus. 

Lunch is ready!  B likes his PBJ with strawberry jam.  He got a side of black olives, cucumber, and brazil nuts.  (For the record, I usually use wholewheat bread, but my husband found this loaf on clearance for...2p!  2 friggin' p!!!)

B's Lunch

R likes my homemade brazil nut butter on his PBJ (BBJ?).  He will have any kind of jam, so I gave him apricot preserves.  He also got a side of black olives (although he prefers green) and cucumber, but he got soy nuts instead of brazils because he likes them better.

R's Lunch

Dinner time!  It's my lasagne senza cheese (recipe coming soon).  B got a side of peanuts, some grapes, and some cucumber.

B's Dinner

R also got lasagne senza cheese.  Lasagne is one of their favourite dishes and they always eat loads.  R got a side of soy nuts, stir-fried zucchini because he doesn't like grapes, and some cucumber.

R's Dinner


  1. Love it! What great looking meals :)

  2. These plates look awesome! Freya is starting to get into that "my food is touching" phase. Not too bad yet, but compartmentalized plates would be great!

    1. Well, if you ever want to take the plunge and want to do it on the cheap (£2.99 for a 3-pack + £1.55 shipping), I can give you the ebay link.