29 September 2013

Trail Mix (GF option)

I don't know about you, but when I am out and about running errands and the like, I get friggin' hungry.  If I leave it for too long, I get hangry, the angry hunger.  Nobody wants to see that!  To combat this, and because I also have kids that become hungry on a whim, I always pack some kind of emergency rations.  The kids usually get granola bars.  My go-to snack is trail mix.

During the last month of my most recent pregnancy and for the first fortnight after, I was practically inhaling trail mix.  I had a bag by my bed at all times, I brought it with me to midwife appointments, and I even packed a bag of trail mix while I was in labour.  We are not talking easy labour, either.  I had to keep stopping to squat through contractions, but I was not going to the birthing centre without a big, fat bag of trail mix! 

At the very least, I feel that trail mix needs nuts and dried fruit.  The most basic of this is peanuts and raisins.  Now this is great, but I like a few different kinds of nuts (namely cashews, Brazils, and soy nuts), and while we're at it, why don't we add some dried apricots?  Skip this if you're gluten-free, but I also like to throw in some pretzels.  They get a little soft within about a day, but I kind of like them that way.  Gives a bit of a chew to them.  I will also sometimes break up a bar of dark chocolate and throw that in there, too.

My friend gave me some cute, reusable bags a year or so ago and they are perfect for trail mix.  I always try to keep a bag ready so I can pop it into my pocket or handbag before I hit the road.

What do you like in your trail mix?  Leave your answer in the comments.  :D

It looks like a cute little clutch!


  1. Your mix sounds superyumful...I like the idea of chewy salty pretzels! I use things like cashews, almonds, soy nuts, pumpkin seeds, dried chickpeas, golden raisins, dried blueberries, dates, cacao nibs and sometimes chocolate covered espresso beans for some zip. :)

    1. Ooh, chocolate covered espresso beans! And dried chickpeas!!! I did cacao nibs for a while, but they were so small, they all hid at the bottom of the bag (same thing with sunflower seeds) -- which was fine for eating at home, but I was worried I'd spill the contents of the bag whilst trying to fish them out on the train. ;D