17 September 2013

Ultimate Pasta Sauce (GF)

I always make pasta sauce from scratch.  The store bought stuff is too sweet for me.  I've been making pasta sauce so often and for so long, it hardly takes any time at all and I don't even really think about it while I'm throwing everything together.  It's loads cheaper, too, which fits my budget perfectly!

At the bare minimum, my pasta sauces involve tomato, onions, garlic, and herbs (usually bay and loads of oregano).  Sometimes I get a little carried away and cram so many things I like into the pasta sauce that it becomes Ultimate Pasta Sauce, a pasta sauce that is so good and so full of different things, it levels-up from sauce to side-dish.  My most recent version featured chick peas, spinach, and black olives

And the thing is, I know I call it pasta sauce, but I've used it on pizza (add some extra tomato paste, so it's thicker) and as a sauce for other grains, like millet and rice. 

See also:  Magical Marinara, where I ramble on about pasta sauce and cookbooks, and Eggplant and Spinach Marinara, where I talk about the first time I ever found a bay leaf in my sauce.

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