28 May 2014

Birthday Month, and an Optrex Eye Revive Moisture Mist Review

Where did all the time go?  Since my last post, I completed P90X (before/after/progress photos here), started writing in my diary every day,* did lots of knitting, and mastered Irish soda bread (I was inspired to by the photo in this post (scroll down)).  I'm also homeschooling, although we've taken the week off because my almost 6-year-old has the chicken pox!!

It's birthday month here -- my 3 sons have birthdays within 31 days of each other, and each of them get the cake and frosting of their choice and a handmade gift for their birthday.  (Do you guys want a vegan cake and frosting tutorial?  I can do that!)

Punk rocker bonnet -- we won best bonnets
in the Fun First Easter 'parade!'
 I have a few things planned in this blog for the next fortnight:
  • Soda Bread...Master this recipe so you can learn:
  • Awesome banana bread that happens to be unsweetened and fat-free (it's a soda bread variation and my favourite banana bread recipe at the moment).
  • Sheaffer VFM ballpoint pen review (I won one from The Pen Company and it included a nice little note asking if I'd mind reviewing it -- of course I don't mind!)
  • Goodness Direct goody bag review!  (I've reviewed products from them before, and was pleasantly surprised to get a package of goodies from them with a handwritten note in the post yesterday.)
  • More recipes (cake and frosting?) and maybe even some knitting patterns (find me on Ravelry)!
Nikita Cowl pattern, anyone?
I also received a trial Optrex Eye Revive Moisture Mist product to review (thanks BzzAgent, for the sample -- Marie Clare declared it a "handbag essential"), so here it is:
I don't usually suffer from dry eyes, but I thought this would be fun to try anyway. I was VERY skeptical of the claim that it wouldn't smear my make-up, so I did a trial run at home before I popped it into my handbag. My make-up didn't smear (!!) and the cooling sensation from the mist was very refreshing. I like the ingredients, too, they look like they will do a nice job of taking care of the skin around my eyes. So I know I said I don't usually get dry eyes, but I feel like _every_ time I am in this one grocery store, my eyes have some kind of weird dry episode and I end up wigging out. I was popping into the store's loo the last time this happened. "Blimey, my eyes! WTF?!" I thought to myself. And then I remembered the Optrex spray in my handbag. I tried it and immediately felt better! I am going to be honest here: I did not think this was going to work. I thought I would have clumpy mascara at the very least, but my eyeballs felt normal again and my make-up looked exactly the same. So, congratulations, Optrex. I am a major skeptic, but this spray is pretty awesome.
(And no, I didn't drink the kool-aid, I really did like the Optrex.)

So, see you all again in the next day or so!   Leave a comment to say hi or to nag me to post my cake and frosting recipes!!  ;D

*  Mostly with fountain pens.  Anybody else keep a diary?  Or like fountain pens?  Or any kind of pens? What are your favourites?  What do you write on?

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