09 June 2014

Sheaffer VFM Handwritten Review and A Pox Upon My House!

My oldest son took this photo of my middle son!
Guys, I know I promised lots of posts, but my house has been hit with the chicken pox.  I've been in quarantine for the best part of the last month -- first they had colds, then, one by one, my children got the pox.  My oldest son and husband are on holiday while I am at home with the other two sickies, trying to keep them happy.  So now is probably a great time for my handwritten review of the Sheaffer VFM which I won from The Pen Company.  I am usually a fountain pen girl, but not all paper is cut out for fountain pens, and I like ballpoints, too.
I'll try to get some recipes out to you soon, but in the meantime...
The Sheaffer VFM.
Click the photo to zoom in!

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