24 June 2008

10 Things About Me: Win a FREE Shell Necklace!

My good buddy Skamama had a fun contest over at her blog where she posted 10 things about her, 9 of which were true. I'm going to do the same thing. Your job, dear readers, is to put down your bottle of Blue Nun and try to figure out which statement is a falsehood. Leave your answer in the comments. I'll do a random drawing of those who guess correctly. If no one is correct I'll do a random drawing of everyone in the comments. Good luck! You have until next Sunday (20 July).

The winner will receive a FREE Chlo-made shell necklace, much like the one in the picture. Just a few shells tied to string, but they are genuine shells from the shores of Loch Long handmade by The Crabby Crafter, a genuine inhabitant of Cove, Scotland. Also, nautical stuff is really 'in' this season -- I read that in both Elle and Marie Claire, so it has to be true.
If only one person guesses correctly, I'll also crochet them a hat!

Anyway, here we go:

1. After all these years, I am still in pursuit of the perfect shade of red lipstick.

2. I received speech therapy as a child.

3. I couldn't figure out how to roll my tongue until I was almost in high school.

4. I LOVE hot sauce and prefer my picante foods to be REALLY hot. The only person who can tolerate more heat than I can is my dad.

5. I hate touching tennis balls!

6. I decided to go vegetarian on a whim whilst eavesdropping on two girls in the bathroom.

7. I appeared on an episode of The Mickey Mouse Club alongside Christina Aguilera.

8. I only have 27 teeth. I had 29 before my wisdom teeth were pulled.

9. My favourite holiday is Halloween. I went trick-or-treating pretty much every year until, some time in college, the people giving out candy started telling me I was too old.

10. Of course, clowns give me the creeps, but Santa Claus gives me the creeps, too.

Good luck!!

18 June 2008


Skamama asked me to fill out this meme:

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?

The summer of 1998 was the year I moved out of my parents' house. I lived in King of Prussia, PA with some other engineers (little known secret, your favourite Crabby Crafter has a BSEE). They all had jobs with Penn-DOT, but since I wasn't a PA resident, I had to fend for myself. I got a job with Pay USA as an administrative assistant and I also worked at the Record Revolution, which was very good for my ego and record collection, but not for my pocketbook. Despite working all those hours and being broke (KoP is an expensive town and all my extra money went to records rather than food), it was the best summer I'd ever had.

2. What are 5 things on my to-do list for today (not in any particular order)?
  1. Try to finish knitting my Pixie Hat. Once it's finished, make a wee one for Belly Baby so we can be twins. No one will ever be able to tell us apart.
  2. Write nlc_beads a thank-you myspace message. My favourite mascara, Maybelline Full N Soft in 'Very Black,' has been discontinued in this country and I've spent the past 6 months trying different mascaras and disliking them to varying degrees. Anyway, nlc_beads, who doesn't even wear make-up, sent me a wee package containing 2 tubes of said mascara (!!), one of her gorgeous handmade glass beads, and an ACEO (Art Cards Editions/Originals) by Lisa Luree/Bone*Diva. The card is a Día de los Muertos-style skeleton mom and baby and I love El Día de los Muertos! Thanks nlc_beads!
  3. Go to the Post Office and pick up the package Parcelforce allegedly tried to deliver yesterday, even though I was totally home when they say they attempted to make the delivery.
  4. I suspect I will do a load of laundry -- Belly Baby goes through a lot of diapers.
  5. Watch an episode of Torchwood (I missed series 2 and am catching up).
3. Snacks I enjoy.
  • Bagels with margarine or hummous.
  • Soya yoghurt.
  • Tea and toast.
  • Olives.
  • Triscuits (plain).
  • Maple sugar candy.

4. Things I would do if I were a billionaire.
  • Travel all over and eat out in vegan-friendly restaurants and leave big tips.
  • Buy an espresso bar, grinder, etc. for my kitchen, so I can make really good coffee drinks.
  • Buy air time on a TV channel and have my own Crabby Crafter television series.
  • Get some custom-made hats that are really outrageous.
  • Buy all my clothes from wee indie designers, etsy people, vintage shops, thrift stores, etc.
  • Get a snooker table and a piano.
  • Volunteer in Africa.
  • Anonymously send money to interesting and nice people.
  • Set money on fire.
  • Throw money into crowds and watch people fight.
  • Make the 'Happy Birthday' song public domain once and for all.
  • Fill a bathtub full of money and get my picture taken in it.
  • Get a bunch of people to teach me a bunch of different languages (notably Mandarin and German).
  • Buy up all of The Beatles songs owned by Michael Jackson and give them back to Paul McCartney.
  • Deck out my kitchen like super-fab and write a vegan cookbook.
  • Hang out in Germany.
  • Hang out in New Zealand.
  • Buy a submarine.

5. Places I have lived.
  • Lakewood, OH
  • Willoughby Hills, OH
  • Grove City, PA
  • King of Prussia, PA
  • Portland, OR
  • Glasgow, Scotland
  • Cove, Scotland
Is that all?

6. Jobs I've had.
  • Babysitter (I was a rubbish babysitter).
  • Stable girl at the 2-stall horse stables down the street from where my parents live.
  • Computer Help Desk Receptionist.
  • Hotel Housekeeper, Breakfast Room Ambassador, and Front Desk Chick.
  • Plastic Factory Drone.
  • Administrative Assistant.
  • Record Shop Chick.
  • Technical Assistant at a radio station.
  • Electrical Engineer.
  • Helped sell medieval/renaissance clothes at an SCA event in Mississippi..
  • Christmas Decorator and Floral Designer.
  • Graphic & Web Designer.
  • Telemarketer for a scam job. (I quit when I caught on.)
  • Barista.
  • Ebay seller.
  • Crochet Designer.
  • Betting Shop Cashier.
I KNOW I've had more jobs than that...

Are you happy now, Skamama?