21 February 2011

Lots of updates coming soon....


Sorry for the lack of posts.  I've been busy with the kids.  And my ex-bro-in-law, a follower of this blog and a really funny dude, died, which was quite a shock for me.   Hopefully, I'll be blogging more often again from now on.

On a more positive note, I bought a 3.5-litre slow-cooker at Argos for £7.99 and I love it (the Cookworks round one, which is currently unavailable, or else I would link to it).  What a steal.  I also bought this book, which is outstanding.  There is such a wide variety of food and drink in that book.  My favourite slow-cooker recipe so far is the cornbread and beans.  I had no idea you could make things like cornbread in a slow-cooker!  I also had no idea how tasty cornbread could be.

I also got a Belgian waffle maker, which arrived today, worked for 4 rounds of waffles, and promptly broke.  The good news is they are sending me a replacement for free (and I don't even have to bother sending the broken one back).  Their customer service guy sounded really cute, too.  ;D

That is a veritable spending spree for me.  I usually only buy food and tea.  Don't worry, though, I did have a gift certificate for the book, so I'm not a total spending fool.

OOH, and I finally got my head around knitting top-down raglans without a pattern.  Woo!  Lots of sweaters on the way....

Finally, I discovered vegan quiche.  I was kind of indifferent to quiche in my pregan days, but now I love it.  I started with this recipe for mini crustless tofu quiches and have moved on to crusty quiche with all sorts of different veggies.

What have YOU been cooking?  Do you have a favourite slow-cooker recipe?  Are you laughing at me for shopping at Argos?