21 February 2011

Lots of updates coming soon....


Sorry for the lack of posts.  I've been busy with the kids.  And my ex-bro-in-law, a follower of this blog and a really funny dude, died, which was quite a shock for me.   Hopefully, I'll be blogging more often again from now on.

On a more positive note, I bought a 3.5-litre slow-cooker at Argos for £7.99 and I love it (the Cookworks round one, which is currently unavailable, or else I would link to it).  What a steal.  I also bought this book, which is outstanding.  There is such a wide variety of food and drink in that book.  My favourite slow-cooker recipe so far is the cornbread and beans.  I had no idea you could make things like cornbread in a slow-cooker!  I also had no idea how tasty cornbread could be.

I also got a Belgian waffle maker, which arrived today, worked for 4 rounds of waffles, and promptly broke.  The good news is they are sending me a replacement for free (and I don't even have to bother sending the broken one back).  Their customer service guy sounded really cute, too.  ;D

That is a veritable spending spree for me.  I usually only buy food and tea.  Don't worry, though, I did have a gift certificate for the book, so I'm not a total spending fool.

OOH, and I finally got my head around knitting top-down raglans without a pattern.  Woo!  Lots of sweaters on the way....

Finally, I discovered vegan quiche.  I was kind of indifferent to quiche in my pregan days, but now I love it.  I started with this recipe for mini crustless tofu quiches and have moved on to crusty quiche with all sorts of different veggies.

What have YOU been cooking?  Do you have a favourite slow-cooker recipe?  Are you laughing at me for shopping at Argos?


  1. Still refining my hummus from garbanzo flour recipe. Yesterday's batch is less gelatinous than the first attempt, but still more solid than hummus should be. I made potato-veggie curry in my crock pot yesterday too. I didn't add as much spice, because I was cooking for a new friend whose tolerance for heat may or may not be similar to mine. I cut up potatoes and veggies. I eat the natural peanut butter, and save up the almost empty jars for a while. Yesterday, I had four jars to clean out. I put some boiling water in each of the jars and shook them up to get the last of all the pb out. Added it to the crock. Can of coconut milk. Garlic (I didn't use enough!) An entire bag of frozen veg mix (cauli, broc, carrots). Handful of frozen peas. Handful of my veg-stock ice cubes. Random spices. Blended half after it was cooked and then mixed it back in. The texture turned out really creamy and gravy-like. Went well over rice. Needed more spice though.

  2. I love that cookbook. I am actually in the process of trying to cook through all of the recipes at my blog (http://couscouscarol.blogspot.com/search/label/slow%20cooker). Some of the dishes have been outstanding and others are not as good. I still love the book.

    The mini crustless quiches look fantastic!

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