12 September 2009


succulent, originally uploaded by chloe & mark nightingale.

Remind me to post the recipe for this delicious wheat and dairy-free eggplant lasagna.


  1. Please share the recipe, when you have the time! It's just what I need to make right now.

    I have four eggplant from our CSA sitting in the fridge waiting to be used, and this dish looks like a way I would actually find eggplant palatable. Plus it seems like it would be perfect for this crazy diet my midwife has me on.

    (Have any other suggestions for eggplant?)

  2. Midwife? Are you pregnant, too? I will get you the recipe once my morning sickness goes away. (It's even worse this time than with Bert and I didn't think that was possible.)

  3. i'm reminded you. it looks amazing!