29 May 2011

Making my Children Happy

Beetroot and I were standing in the cold rain, waiting for the bus.  I looked down at my lovely boy (who turns 3 tomorrow) and he looked back at me, somber and wet.  I squeezed his hand tighter and started singing one of his favourite songs ('Night-Night Veggies'/the outro to Mister Bloom's Nursery).  Suddenly, we were dancing and laughing in the rain.  And then the bus came and we were giggling together on the bus.

It's so easy to make my children happy.  I try to keep that in mind not only when they're looking glum, but when I'm feeling a bit frazzled by all their shenanigans.  

Somebody stole Big Momma's chocolate!
I kiss away tears, hug after stumbles, and cuddle and breastfeed to soothe.  Something as simple as a little song or a goofy face or a wiggle in my walk can turn everything around.  I'm their momma and it's the least I can do to repay them for all the smiles they've brought me.

Happy Birthday, you silly goose!

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  1. you are such an amazing momma!! chloe - you always inspire me in the best of ways to make better choices for my family... I love love love your family updates and photos! *muah*