16 November 2011


I knew somebody who pronounced squash 'squarsh,' but I don't remember who.  Anyway, here is a fabulous recipe for winter squarsh.  You can use butternut, but I used this thing that looked like a mint-green pumpkin and had the very hard to cut flesh of a butternut squarsh.

Preheat your oven to 400°F/200°C.  Gut and chop your squarsh (save the seeds and toast them in your oven with a little salt later).  No need to remove the peel, it's totally edible!  Put it in a casserole dish, add about a kilogram (hey Americans, 28 oz will do) of stewed tomatoes (I used whole ones, but you can use chopped) large coarsely chopped onion, a tbsp or two of oregano, a generous a glug of olive oil, and salt & pepper to taste.  Give everything a stir.  Cover (I just used aluminium foil) and bake for about 40 minutes, uncover and stir, and then bake another 20-30 minutes (until the squarsh is tender), stirring occasionally.

Mix in some beans (I used black-eyed peas) and serve plain or over a bed of rice (or whatever!).

P.S.  Check out my new bling!  My friend made me this for my
birthday.  It is extra-cool because she is in America and still
managed to procure a 5 pound note.

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