14 May 2008

Crochet Interview

Oh, hey! I've been interviewed by Kiba The Diva as part of her crochet Designer Interview series. Designer! Doesn't that make me sound cool?

So anyway, here is the linky link:

I know some of you are all thinking, speaking of crochet, Chloe, what the heck have you been crocheting lately? Well, I've been crocheting an eye-scorching black & white blanket for the ol' bun in the oven. They say newborns can't see very far or very much and, other than faces, they are all, "hey, check this out!" when they see stimulating black and white patterns. So the blanket will probably not be visually appealing to you, unless you are a newborn, in which case, what are you doing on the internet?!

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