04 May 2008

Pregnancy Update

I've made a preggo photo set so you can see the progress of my magical expanding belly.

The shirt says, "If my mom calls, I'm not here."

I'm popping out of the bottom of my maternity shirts. I weigh 132 lbs -- as much as my husband (I've gained 34 pounds so far). Week 38 started yesterday. You can really see how much the baby has 'dropped' in this pic!

I think I've had a pretty easy pregnancy so far. I had morning sickness for 5 weeks in the first trimester and issues with my magical expanding ribcage (it felt like my ribs were about to rip apart) until the baby dropped, but I haven't even had backpain or heartburn. Hopefully, my labour will be as easy as my pregnancy has been!

I have everything I need for the baby, now I just need the baby! Babies are a good excuse for crafts -- I made burp cloths out of old towels and crib sheets out of my old sheets. I might crochet some wool soakers (I could post a pattern when I perfect them, too) and sew my own fitted cloth diapers!

Anyway, everybody stay in touch and I will keep you posted on the baby progress. Maybe you can all start nagging me for a new issue of Galvanic Mag after I pop! ;D


  1. you look mah-velous!

    i cannot wait. is bert the name?? I saw you reference bertie somewhere...that is so darn cute! lov it!!!!

    you are gonna be an awesome mommy. so crafty. so prepared!! we have nothing ready for Bunn yet. the spare room is pathetic.

    and i can't craft for shit and i don't like to cook or bake...my baby girl is gonna be like "wtf mom, are you a guy-mom or a girl- mom?"

    i'm very masculine anyways. oh well. she''ll get assertiveness from me. :))

    best to u my dear!!

  2. Bertram Wilberforce is the name we picked -- ages ago. It's from P.G. Wodehouse's Jeeves & Wooster books. Mark and I both loved the name Bert (like in Mary Poppins, when Mary would be all, "Oh, Bert!" I always thought that was so cute and ADORED Dick Van Dyke in that movie when I was a kid) and when we had already decided on Bertram when we heard 'Bertram Wilberforce' which made us laugh and laugh.

    I didn't have anything for the belly baby until a couple months ago. You don't need that much. Lots of rags for burp cloths, a few blankets (some people say stock up on receiving blankets because they double as burp cloths and babies barf a lot more than you think), something to sleep in (we've got a playpen and a moses basket), diapers, wipes, a few outfits, some kind of infant transport device (whether it's a carrier or a stroller). I splurged and bought a nice diaper clutch (instead of a whole bag because I have enough bags and I don't think I will need to pack a whole extra bag's worth for the kid every time we go out). Other than the clutch, a diaper bucket, and the playpen/portable crib, everything else I bought (even the cloth diapers) was second hand.
    Nothing wrong with not being crafty -- it probably has saved you a lot of money and time and space! :D

    --Wait a minute -- It's a Girl?!?!? I hope she doesn't mind powder blue. There are a few blue outfits in the package for you. ;p

  3. oh, Bertram! what an awesome name, very cool. i've heard that name before, but rarely. i lov lov the nickname of bert or bertie. so sweet. :))

    yea, tis a girl. but i swear to gawd, this aint gonna be no girlie girl. no princess culture in OUR house. i hate that crap.

    people ask what our "theme" is for the baby's room. Theme??? Like, winnie the poo, or all pink and purple, or zoo animals....

    this is our response: "NIHALISM. that's the theme."

    people give us funny looks - either they don't know what the word means, or they DO know what the word means - either way, it shuts them up.

    anyway, the bunn would be more than happy in any blues or other colors you send - we're gonna try to be practical and use any and all colors of the rainbow. :)) thx so much!!!


  4. People have asked about our nursery, too, and are surprised that we're keeping the little doodlie in our room for the time being (I figure night feeds and changing will be a lot easier if I have the guy in a moses basket next to the bed). But that's funny about themed baby rooms! I like your answer (so does Mark). (And seriously, what is it with Winnie the Pooh and babies? I mean, nothing against Winnie, but I see SO MANY Winnie the Pooh themed baby things, I don't get it at all.)

    I was never a girlie girl myself (I was an engineer, math nerd, and computer geek, after all), even though I like make-up and skin care and such. I spent most of my childhood climbing trees and rooting for the Purple Pie Man and Gargamel and bad guys, too.