01 December 2010

Bye-Bye MoFo!

I missed the ending of VeganMoFo -- BabyCrafter had (minor) surgery and we had to stay overnight.  It is hard enough to sleep in a hospital, let alone a ward full of crying kids.  When they brought BabyCrafter out after his surgery, they cheerily said, "bad news, Big Momma, he pooped!  And you get to change his diaper."  He pooped a TON!!  I cleaned him up and then he breastfed like a champ and fell asleep.  After he woke from his nap, his colouring returned and he was back to his usual cheery self.

Post-Op Reggie
Post-Op Pooper Sleeps Peacefully

The Scarecrow (my husband) and ToddlerCrafter came to visit and ToddlerCrafter and I celebrated the end of VeganMoFo with a nice vegan dinner in the hospital's canteen.  Baked beans, chips (chubby fries to you yanks), and a nice lentil soup.  A bargain for only £2.10!  ;p

Speaking of BabyCrafter, I need to post his 7 month overdue birth story!  It's a long one, even though my labour was shorter than when I had ToddlerCrafter.  I'll post that next.

On a food note, I think I fancy more ful medames.  With the last of the giant tin of fava beans.  I should have bought another tin -- I am crazy about beans.  I need to make some more kimchi, too -- I finally found more napa cabbage.  Also, my first attempt at sauerkraut (mentioned at the end of the kimchi link) seems to be a success.  It is sour and tart, but still on the mild side.  I'm going to eat some, but let the rest of it ferment a bit more.  My next attempt at sauerkraut will be the salt-and-cabbage-in-a-jar-method.  Where you pack salt and cabbage in a jar and just leave it to do it's thing.  I'll let you know how that method compares to my previous attempt.

I'll leave you with this photo I snapped at the hospital.  I am not a fan of clowns.  It's bad enough the kids are sick, but then they have to deal with clowns, too!  ;p

Dr. CousCous is my favourite.
Dr. CousCous is my favourite

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