28 November 2010

Egyptian Breakfast

I've blogged about Ful Medames before.  It's the traditional breakfast in Egypt and the breakfast Big Momma & the gang this morning.  Fava (broad) beans, tomatoes, garlic, herbs, and spices.  Served with pitta (although we didn't have any -- it's still good served neat).*  I used tinned tomatoes and frozen fava beans (from that giant tin I mentioned earlier).  It cooks up really quickly.

Ful Medames

I fried garlic, freshly ground cumin and coriander, chili flakes, thyme, and ginger in a pan until fragrant.  Then I added the frozen fava beans and stirred them around until they thawed.  Then I added tinned tomatoes and salt and cooked everything until it started to get a little pasty.  I served and topped it with coarsely chopped flat-leaf parsley.  It was so good, I licked the plate!

*  That's a way of serving booze, not improper use of an adverb.


  1. Egyptian food is yummy! And your recipe sounds great.