17 November 2010

Ghetto Hummous

I just finished making sweet potato hummous.  It's pretty good.  I didn't feel like using a food processor, so I just mashed some leftover garbanzos with one of the beaters from my hand mixer.  I threw in 2/3 of a sweet potato, squeezed in juice of half of this lemon (I just used the hand mixer beater to juice it -- by cramming it in the lemon-half and twisting it back and forth) that had been sitting on my cutting board for a few days.  Then I chucked in a tbsp or so of tahini.  And I added salt.  Then I stirred everything up.  And put some of it on toast.  With pickled jalapeños. 

Check out my fabulousness and try not to be jealous of my mad culinary skills:  

Sweet Potato Hummous

My tablescape was totally inspired by Panda With Cookie, in case you were wondering. 

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