28 November 2010

Crabby Kiwi Muffin & Parsnip Weaning

I thought I'd share with you an old muffin!fail.  Like I said, I am a pretty good cook, but am mediocre to the end when it comes to bakery-type stuff.  I tried making kiwi muffins with all this leftover kiwi I needed to get rid of.  I used a blueberry muffin recipe.  I didn't like them.  This one didn't like me:

This muffin has a face. And it's glaring at me.

BabyCrafter is almost 7 months old and occasionally has been grabbing at my food and drinks.  He likes drinking from my cup, so I thought he might be ready for solids.  Last week, we tried pumpkin and he was horrified.  Yesterday, we tried steamed parsnip.

He picked it up and tried a nibble.

Then spit it out and gagged a little!  :D

By comparison, ToddlerCrafter was stuffing his face at 5.5 months.  I think I rather prefer BabyCrafter's later weaning.  Breastfeeding is just so easy -- I do all my blogging and internet surfing with BabyCrafter on the boob.

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