24 November 2010

That's a Lotta Beans!

Long story short, we got a 2.6kg can of broad (fava) beans for 99p.  (We also got a 3kg can of crushed pineapple in juice (hopefully pineapple juice, they didn't specify) for 99p but that's another story.)

The Scarecrow, Baby Crafter, & the big tin-o-beans.  

2.6kg of beans might be a big commitment to some, but not for me.  The Egyptians are really into their fava beans, too, (see my post on Ful Medames) and eat them for breakfast and use them in falafel instead of garbanzo beans.

Anyway, I chopped a leek into sticks and fried them in sunflower seed oil until they were nice and tender.  Then I added some minced garlic and freshly ground coriander and cumin.  I added some tomato paste and stirred in some basmati rice.  Then I threw some fava beans in there, shook some soy sauce on, and called it a day. 

Broad (Fava) Beans and the Gang

I like the eyes on these fava beans.  It's like they're looking at me. 

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